the osprey miners


Who we are

The Osprey Miners is a group of dedicated students from various STEM backgrounds collaborating to create autonomous mining robots for use in NASA's annual Robotic Mining Competition.

Based out of the University of North Florida, this student-lead, extracurricular effort combines the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science in order to help advance autonomous robotics and therefore human exploration of other worlds.

What we Do

Every year we design, manufacture, construct, program and test a competition robot capable of mining and depositing simulated martian regolith. Our robots compete in a national competition with other colleges to collect as much regolith as possible while striving to be autonomous.

The Osprey Miners are also heavily involved in Jacksonville robotics, working with local non-profit organizations to promote STEM education to local children.

osprey miners 2017 team


Harris Newsteder

Mechanical Engineering - Junior

Team Leader, Excavation Design Lead and Client Developer


Juan March

Mechanical Engineering - Junior

Lead Machinist and Locomotion Design Lead

Blake Nazario

Computer Science - Junior

Artificial Intelligence Lead, Communications Developer and Media Designer


Ross Johnson

Mechanical Engineering - Senior

Mechanical and Autonomy Support

marin day

Mechanical Engineering - Freshman

Outreach Lead, Machinist and Mechanical Support

merrick ghali

Computer Science - Junior

Communications and Microcontroller Developer


nicholas boyum

Mechanical Engineering - Freshman

Mechanical Support

dylan pendlebury

Mechanical Engineering - Junior

Mechanical Support

abigail coker

Computer Science - Junior

Autonomy Support